Wedding Advice 101 – Linens Create A Fantasy

Can’t get away this year? Consider one of these fun themed New Year’s Eve party ideas that will bring the fun and excitement of New Year’s Eve to your home. From casino night to catered dinners, this guide will have a party theme to please any at-home partygoer.

Most areas have limited options for horse drawn carriages, so it is a good idea to book yours as soon as you have your wedding venue lined up. After all, there aren’t exactly as many horse and carriage outfits as there are limo drivers! It is much more special, and therefore also more limited in availability. The traditional attire for the driver of the carriage is a top hat and formal jacket; be sure to ask your driver what he or she plans to wear so that you get the full effect.

If you live in a very snowy area, then a great alternative is to hire a horse drawn sleigh for your wedding. Instead of lumbering in and out of an all wheel drive SUV, wouldn’t it be much more romantic to glide in by sleigh? Many of the sleighs can be quite beautiful, and would certainly add a nice touch to your wedding.

The Peju Tower website says it is one of the tallest structures in the Napa valley. The architecture alone is worth the visit but their wine tasting list is a nice one.

Ask questions. And listen to her answers. This is a big one, and for some reason it is overlooked by a lot of men. Ask her questions about her interests, her loves, her hobbies, etc. Steer clear of religion and politics on the first date. But pretty much anything else you can ask her about is good.

Let’s face it; given the opportunity, any female would love the opportunity of becoming a princess just for a day and having a real Cinderella experience. Any girl would jump at the chance of turning up to an event, stepping out of a gorgeous horse and carriage wedding and being able to float around in a beautiful, floaty dress and a sparkly tiara. Girls rarely get the chance to do this and that’s why princess costumes are the perfect idea for any fancy dress party or for Halloween.

For food, serve up some King Cake. If you aren’t able to make it, check with local bakeries or see if places in Louisiana might be available to ship it to you. See the link at the end of this article for more Mardi gras recipes and desserts you can make at home.

The most anticipated community celebration is also in November. First, enjoy ‘Christmas in the Park’. Kids can do crafts, see Santa’s workshop, and get photos with the jolly man. Later, bundle up the kids, bring your chairs, and get a cup of hot cocoa. ‘The Downtown Holiday Parade’ is about to start! Along the route will be dancers, floats, bands, and music. Certainly, Santa Claus will make his appearance. Finally, the community shares in the lighting of the official City Tree.