Setting Intentions – Dream Big And Start With Baby Steps

Truly enjoying and being happy during the Holiday Season can prove challenging, especially as the days get shorter, and the list of to-dos, obligations and demands seems to get longer and longer. Fortunately, there are some very simple things you can do to get, and stay, connected to what the Holidays are really about.

So at this point they might say something like, “What’s the secret?!”. I tell them that there is no secret! I tell them that they need to provide value before they can expect people to give them money! It sounds like common sense but I’m still happy new year tips amazed at how much people will do without educating themselves first. They want results and they want them now. They don’t want to learn about what benefits are available with Global Resorts Network membership, they just want money…now! I try and tell them “It doesn’t work that way! You have to be willing to spend time and money growing your knowledge base to add to your value, so you can have something to teach people that buy from you, you have to build your value so you can be attractive to your buyers.

Thank you! If you haven’t heard, on Thursday The Doors Examiner passed 10,000 reads! I only started writing The Doors Examiner in September and it just astounds me the interest people have shown. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you that have read the articles, and passed them on to friends. I hope you continue to do so! I’m going to keep writing the best articles on The Doors I can. I’m looking forward to Robby releasing his CD (can they be called albums any more?) Singularity after the new year, and John has been shopping around a book to publishers so hopefully it will be published soon.

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Set your watch to the local time of the city or country in which you are arriving. And no matter how tired you are when you arrive, don’t go to sleep. Instead grab a shower, a bite to eat, and see the town. Allow your body to key into the local time and you will not only sleep better, you will find you don’t feel the effects of Jet Lag as much as you normally would. In fact this is one of the happy new year 2019 tips to beat Jet Lag.

The holidays are a wonderful time to meet and make special friendships with women from Russia and the Ukraine. The spirit of the season puts everyone in a joyful mood.

Create an online press kit on your website and in an online database so the media can find you when they need to. That way you’ll never miss an opportunity.